Feel like you're falling to pieces? Click below to the encouragement you need to "become".

Sometimes I am legit falling to pieces. I don’t know about you. 

Sometimes life is just hard, crazy nonsense.

I watch the news. That’s sufficient enough to make anyone feel like the world is coming to an end. 

Humans are so good at hurting one another.

It’s legit crazy God would show up on earth, as a human, to show us how to love one another.

And then I read this from the Book of Hebrews in the Bible: “He perfectly mirrors God’s nature. And his words hold all of creation together.”  

Who is this who holds us together? The mysterious, unknown author of the Book of Hebrews says it’s Jesus.

Words are powerful.

Words inspire, encourage, influence, manipulate, wound.

“Sticks and stones” words actually do hurt, don’t they?

Words are powerful.

So if words from a fellow human is powerful, how powerful are the words of God?

God word’s spoken and written through regular humans like you and me.

Inspired. Divine. Beautiful, messy words. That’s the Bible.

And when I’m falling to pieces inside and out, I can get super ouchy. Sensitive. Mouthy.

Eye rolling attitude. Know what I mean?

So I have a choice. Stay in the ouch. Or find my way out.

So I read the Bible.

Jesus, the God-Man, is God’s Word in the flesh, come to show me how to live whole & healthy–

  • to love others well
  • to bear compassion like a warm fuzzy coat, ready to give it away
  • to gift mercy lavishly and often
  • to not take myself too seriously
  • to be generous in kindness

But sometimes, I just don’t feel like it. I don’t want to be those things sometimes. I don’t know if I can.

So I read the Bible. It’s usually all I have left.

Sometimes I dive in eagerly.  Sometimes I collapse into them.

I sometimes can only lie down in these divine words, exhausted, wound up, terrified, desperate. 

And wait. 

Until I begin to feel held. 

God holds me & all my pieces together when I can’t. And I am becoming. One word at a time.

Powerful words, hmm?

Feel like you're falling to pieces? Click below to the encouragement you need to "become".

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